I thought the term “Canadian Gunfighter” was an oxymoron, until I trained with Jody Levesque. His speed, accuracy, and gunhandling skills were among the best I’ve seen, and I’ve trained thousands of fighters in my career; you can’t go wrong training with Jody and ATR.
- Jeff Hall, martial arts grandmaster and NRA staff instructor

Jody Levesque demonstrates not only an exceptional ability to "run a handgun" but he also has a great ability to teach others and bring the best out of those he trains!

- Steve Ryan, Law Enforcement Activities Division Firearms Instructor,  NRA

I would like to thank you the excellent training opportunity this past weekend at your range. The instruction is excellent, better than the military training I received (Naval Boarding Party, general C7 and Piston qualification). The content and delivery, in my opinion is world class, and allows for an excellent hands on approach. The certificate at the end of the course is a nice touch and prove of absolute professionalism.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who actively shoots or is interested in shooting activities.

- Clark, Private Citizen

I was really impressed with the instruction at Agoge Tactical Regimen. I've trained with a variety of law enforcement agencies in Canada, the military and with a private firearms school in the United States (Front Sight), and this was some of the best instruction I've ever received. Jody (the owner/instructor) was extremely professional and safety conscious, while balancing reality and theory in our lessons. There was zero ego from him or his other instructors, and he made it clear throughout the course that a diversity of opinion was welcome. He could rationally explain all of his methods and techniques, and I didn't hear any hand waving or dismissive responses when people asked questions.

- KC, Alberta Sheriff's Dept.