Private Military Contractor Course
Course Description:

This course provides the student with the skills required to seek employment within the Private Security Sector providing close protection and security work domestic and abroad.  Due to the skills required for this type of employment the student will be required to meet a course standard in order to receive a certificate. 

Course topics include:

  • Introduction to Protective Service Details
  • Advanced Firearms Manipulation (Pistol/Carbine)
  • Protective Security Formations/Tactics
  • Route Selection and Security
  • Motorcade Operations
  • Advanced Teams
  • Counter Attack Teams
  • Immediate Action Drills
  • Combat Casualty Care


  • List will be provided upon completion of successful application process

There is minimum requirement of 8 students for this course.  Students wishing to attend must provide a curriculum vitae (CV) of past training, employment, and reason for attending and provide a none refundable downpayment by 2017 May 01.

Please contact us for more information

12 Day Course
Price $ 2000.00