No/Low Light Operations
Course Description:

The objectives for this course are to reinforce the basic foundation of marksmanship while bringing the student to a higher advanced level of firearms manipulation during no/low light operations.  Course topics include:

  • No/Low Light Operation theories
  • Reinforcing the fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Unaided reduced low light shooting
  • Aided reduced low light shooting
  • Using flashlights with cover
  • Gear placement & Selection
  • Combat mindset


  • Practical Pistol/Shotgun/Carbine (if available)
  • At least 3 magazines
  • Practical holster & mag pouches to hold at least 2 magazines
  • Clothing suitable for weather conditions
  • Eye & Ear protection (additional clear lenses for night shooting)
  • Hat is recommended for weather and shield from hot brass
  • knee/elbow pads (optional)
  • Weapon light and/or secondary hand held light
  • Spare bulbs and batteries
  • Cleaning kit and/or firearm tools
  • Water/food
  • Pen/paper

1 Day Course
Ammo Count:
Carbine/Shotgun 600
Pistol 600
Prerequisites: Pistol/Carbine Operator Level I
Price $ 350.00