Home Defence
Course Description:

This course provides the student with skills to build a solid home defence plan providing safety and secuirty for their family members.  This course is ideal for spousal participation and teamwork to protect your home and family members.  Course topics include:

  • Liabilities & use of force
  • Home hardning
  • Safe room setup and useage
  • Family member rescues
  • Room clearning
  • Fire & movement
  • CQB firearms manipulation
  • Low Light Shooting


  • Students choice of firearm(s)
  • Practical holster & mag pouches to hold at least 2 magazines
  • Clothing suitable for weather conditions
  • Eye & Ear protection
  • Hat is recommended for weather and shield from hot brass
  • knee/elbow pads (optional)
  • Cleaning kit and/or firearm tools
  • Water/food
  • Pen/paper

2 Day Course
Prerequistites - POL / COL
Ammo Count:
Carbine/Shotgun 500
Pistol 500
Price $ 375.00