Close Quarters Battle Level I
Course Description:

This course provides the student with skills to conduct individual and team work room clearing while learning the use of close quarters weapons manipulations.  Course topics include:

  • CQB weapons manipulations
  • Kill house operations & safety
  • Individual room clearning techniques
  • Team field craft
  • Stacks
  • 2 - 8 man team entries & room clearning techniques
  • Window entries


  • Students choice of firearm(s)
  • Practical holster & mag pouches to hold at least 2 pistol magazines
  • Vest or plate carrier capable of holding at least 3 carbine magazines
  • Clothing suitable for weather conditions
  • Body armour & Ballistic Helmet
  • Eye & Ear protection
  • Hat is recommended for weather and shield from hot brass
  • knee/elbow pads (optional)
  • Cleaning kit and/or firearm tools
  • Water/food
  • Pen/paper
  • Communications (Provided by ATR)

Note:  This course requires the student to wear body armour and a ballistic helmet.  Body armour rentals is available, however at this time we only have limited quantities.

3 Day Course
Prerequistites - POL / COL
Ammo Count:
Carbine 800
Pistol 500
Price $ 550.00